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About Empowering Today's Professionals FAQs

1. What does
Empowering Today's Professionals
really do?
Whether in transition, currently employed or an entrepreneur, ETP Network empowers its
members to be in control of all aspects of their business environment.  This is accomplished by encouraging, training, supporting, mentoring and advising fellow CEOs of ME, Incorporated in all aspects of defined responsibilities to their personal Board of Directors.  After all, your career your business and your business is your career.
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2. Does Empowering Today's Professionals guarantee I will find a job?
No one can guarantee their services will help you find a job.  If you review the success stories, in the words of other
members, the "7 Step Job Search" methodology is proven to help many members land a job quicker.
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3. How can I minimize my transition time to land a job quickly?
Register as a
member, follow the "7 Step Job Search", attend ETP networking events, dial in to training calls and connect with other members. Active participation is the hallmark of Members  who land jobs quicker.
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4. Where are all these great documents located, that I hear and read about?
member lodge contains document, audio and video libraries.
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5. I went to a meeting – nice; Now what?
Consider becoming an ETP Network Platinum member.  Speak to other
members you met at the meeting to get their feedback.  Then answer the question "Do I want to continue playing with my career or do I want be in control of owning my career with a warm trusted network to support me?".
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6. Does Empowering Today's Professionals provide career coaching services?
Yes. Career management coaching provided in group teaching settings.  Our networking meetings are designed so an educational topic is included to improve the self management of your career.  If you require one-on-one career coaching services, ETP Network can make recommendations to resources.
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7. How can I leverage the 7-Step process?
Career management and business management require a business plan to be successful.  Being disciplined about following the "7 Step Job Search" daily has proven to help many members, who are career professionals or entrepreneurs, meet their bottom line.
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8. Is ETP Network for the unemployed?  I am happily working and see no value in joining.
Empowering Today's Professionals not only teaches proper reciprocal networking etiquette, it provides a ready made network of members with thousands of connections willing to help you.  The reality these days is 2 years of working at a company job is lifetime. If you were dropped from your company today, could you maintain the life style your family currently enjoys?  Do you have a warm trusted network that you can tap to be up and running within 30 days?
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9. I’m from Missouri – Can you show me your successes? Don’t tell me.

In 2009 alone Empowering Today's Professionals helped hundreds of professionals land opportunities.
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10. I agree running my career as the CEO of ME, Inc is important but I do not see a program that will guide me in this transformation process?
The video, document and audio libraries located in the member lodge will provide a foundation.  Regularly participating in one of monthly networking events will guide you through the process. You can associate with other like minded CEOs of ME, Inc..  The first Monday of every month we have a member advanced training call. 

11. I go to the website and is chock full of information but really no easy guide or “user friendly” appeal – information overflow
Take another look at www.etpnetwork.com - We just streamlined our menu system.  Click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" menu option. This will provide a guided tour.

12. The 5 Core Goals are nice but no curriculum to achieving each – do you have any success stories on all 5 goals?
When you become a
member, you will have access to the member directory and the ETP Network LinkedIn group.  This will allow you connect with many members willing to share their success stories.

13. Love the mission and the well placed intention.  Your services and technology are clunky on the web site.
How can I maneuver around your web site better?
Refer to FAQ #11 above.

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