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    • March 26, 2015
    • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Online Webinar
    • 7
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    Why should I attend this webinar?
    The recent Jobvite survey on social media recruiting, says 94 percent of recruiters who use social media use LinkedIN as their primary talent acquisition tool. This means you must make your presence known on
    LinkedINn to attract  recruiters, hiring managers and decision makers, if you are in a job search or looking for new clients.

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    A free copy of "How to Really Use LinkedIn" ($17 value on Amazon) will be provided to all attendees.

    Previous attendee comments . . .
    I really enjoyed your LinkedIn webinar. You provided fresh insight into the power of LinkedIn and gave some new ideas on how to use it as a productive networking and job hunting tool. I especially enjoyed your advice about how to use LinkedIn conjunction with Rod Colon's 7 step job hunting process. Thanks - Sam Anson, Business Developer

    I did not have questions to ask because it seemed like you anticipated my thoughts. Thanks so much for the in-depth explanation of "LinkedIn" and its objectives. I just got on-board after Rod Colon's two hour talk. -
    Foli Kuevidjen, Data Technician

    In this LIVE webinar you will learn:

    • How to attract employers and recruiters
    • What not to do to increase your chances of getting hired.
    • How to get strangers to want to help you connect inside organizations.
    • How to leverage the synergy of Indeed.com and LinkedIn.com for putting your job search into high gear.
    • Why recommendations are a powerful marketing tool and how to get more recommendations quicker.
    • How to tune in WIIFM for making quality connections.
    • How to get other professionals to beg you to be your network.
    •  . . . and other LinkedIn tips that set you apart from the competition.

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