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    • April 18, 2015
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    • 553 West 57th Street, New York, NY

    In collaboration with CUNY University Student Senate and Empowering Today's Professional (ETP), we combine High Tech with High Touch Internet tools to provide a powerfully engaging "HANDS ON" experience with our proven methodology to land a job IMMEDIATELY.   Referencing proven job search and networking methodologies in our book "Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs" by ETP Founder, Rod Colon, we help professionals land jobs quicker. Learn how to become self empowered, as the CEO of ME, Inc., by running your career as a business.

    DATE: April 18, 2015    
    LOCATION: 553 West 57th Street, New York, NY
    LENGTH: 1.5 hours
    COST: FREE to CUNY Students and Guests

    Who Should Attend
    This workshop is for students, professionals or consultants in a job search transition.  Business owners new to networking or seasoned networkers will also benefit from this lively interactive workshop.  Put your seat belt on. Innovative and proven methodologies presented will accelerate your job search into the passing lane, leaving the competition behind.

    You Will Learn . . .
    • How Empowering Education programs helps people land jobs quicker.
    • Why the “black hole” makes a job search Painful
    • How to develop a value proposition that makes decision makers call you faster
    • Why the 7 Step Job Search© gets you to interview phase quicker
    • How to engage people as your inside company advocate
    • How to get an interview invitation from recruiters, hiring managers and human resources 
    • Which social media tools expedite a job search
    • How personal branding eliminates the competition
    • How to multi-thread your network for developing multiple job offers
    • Why asking questions helps your fellow students land jobs.


    Carl E. Reid, CSI - ETP Executive Director and Career Coach
    Coming from humble beginnings Mr. Reid learned from his mother of Puerto Rican heritage and his father from Barbados, to keep the bar raised high in the honest values of work ethics to achieve success. Through survival skills learned growing up on the mean streets of the Edenwald projects, in the Bronx, Carl transferred his street smart savvy into the corporate arena. His first introduction to business success was achieved by obtaining his first managerial position at the age of 16. Carl E. Reid, CSI is a successful entrepreneur, intrapreneur, social media endorsement coach and author of the 2 books: 10 Powerful Networking Secrets Of Influential People" and "10 Powerful networking Tips Using Business Cards - Global Extended Edition". With corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful. Carl has over 47 years of business experience, including 33 years as a technology expert, 25 years as a business career coach and 30 years as a successful entrepreneur.  Mr. Reid is Executive Director of Empowering Today's Professionals and founder of Savvy Intrapreneur, a social media branding, coaching and publishing company.
    Connect with Carl: www.CarlEReid.com | @CarlEReid | Facebook  | LinkedIn |

    Jacquie Adorno, ETP Outreach Manager and HR Professional
    As a respected strategic partner to senior management providing expertise in Human Resources (HR), benefits administration and organizational effectiveness, Jacquie Adorno is known as a producer who delivers RESULTS to achieve business objectives.  Ms. Adorno brings balance and simplicity to HR processes and has earned a reputation as a consensus builder among diverse groups, as a proactive and innovative problem solver, executive coach, and vigilant watchdog of corporate legal liability, compliance and exposure.  Ms. Adorno is community activist who maintains her motivating high energy by empowering individuals, being socially responsible, and making a real difference through her professional network. One of Jacquie's achievements in making a difference is co-founding a not-for-profit in 2009 (Early Guide Center of Future Leaders, Inc.) aimed at mentoring inner city youth.  Jacquie is currently Outreach Manager for Empowering Today's Professionals.
    Connect with Jacquie: Jacquie-Adorno.branded.me | @Jacquie24 | LinkedIn

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