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    • September 04, 2015
    • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    • Conference Call

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    Whether you're in a job search or just keeping you're options open, join us this Friday 8:00AM EST to tune up your job search approach using the 7 Step Job Search and networking skills to land a job quicker.

    TO DO items to bring to this FREE coaching conference call:

    • A open minded teachable attitude.
    • Open job opportunity you identified as being a 70% or better skill match.
    • The best medium for call participants to contact you for follow up networking.Copy of book: Win The Race For 21st Century Jobs (optional)

    • September 07, 2015
    • 9:00 PM
    • Radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ownyourcareer On Air Online - Call In Tel: 347-857-3320
    Rod Colon is awesome with his LIVE weekly radio show Own Your Careerhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/ownyourcareer
    Call in you job search and career management questions to the #1 career coach in the United States specialized in the 7 Step Job Search at Tel: 347-857-3320
    • September 09, 2015
    • 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • *Check with your phone carrier. There may be charges based on location time zone.
    • 8

    This job search video teleconference presented by Empowering Today's Professionals Executive Director, Carl E. Reid. To get video / teleconference dial in numbers
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    All participants will receive a FREE copy of the Amazon.com book 10 Powerful Networking Secrets of Influential People by Empowering Today's Professionals Executive Director, Carl E. Reid

    Find out what the buzz is about with Empowering Today's Professionals members landing jobs more often, while many others continue to struggle in their job search.

    REGISTER NOW - Limited Seats

    Video / Teleconference is an
    "Open House"

    This Video Teleconferenc will answer the following questions...
    • What resources and tools, only available through ETP, will help me duplicate the success of hundreds who landed safely since 2004?
    • How does the 7 Step Job Search (c) expedite finding company insiders who willingly help me get my resume into the hands of decision makers?
    • How can ETP's resume review team help me develop a powerful value proposition that eliminates the competition?
    • Why has ETP's fresh approaches to the job search made the book Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs by Rod Colon?

    . . . And many other questions will be answered in finding out how Empowering Today's Professionals stands apart with proven results to help you land a job quicker.

    Limited Lines for This *FREE Call - So Dial In Early

    REGISTER NOW - Limited Seats

    *Check with your phone carrier. There may be charges based on location time zone.

    Past attendees say . . .
    I really enjoyed your tele / webinar.   I wrote four pages of notes, which I'll try to digest over the next few days!  I realized there is a large part of the ETP website that I never even looked at.  Lots to do...  <smile> -Barbara Usack

    Thank you so much for everything that you do keeping us on board at ETP.  I always enjoy attending your Webinars. I always get a little more out of it each time.
    - Amanda Sherman, CEO & Founder AtUrBest Special Events

    • November 21, 2015
    • 6:00 PM
    • November 22, 2015
    • 12:00 AM
    • Fredericksburg Hospitality House and Conference Center 2801 Plank Road Fredericksburg, VA 22404

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    Army | Marine Corps | Airforce | Navy
    Coast Guard | Army National Guard

    • December 31, 2015
    • All volunteer roles are virtual positions. This allows you to work from the comfort of your home or office.

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    Volunteer Qualifications
    • Must be an ETP member at any level of membership (submit a complimentary (free) Basic member application)
    • No experience required for some volunteer positions
    • Able to volunteer 8-10 hours a month
    • Be open to augment or learn new skills
    • Have a sincere interest in contributing to the success of other members
    Benefits of Being an ETP Volunteer
    Visit Volunteer Cafe for REWARDS Program
    • Augment your resume. Empowering Today's Professionals is listed as a company on LinkedIn. As mentioned in the article "Volunteer is a Real J-O-B" volunteering is an excellent community service time gap filler for a resume and LinkedIn profile. You can add your volunteer position  to your resume and LinkedIn profile. 
    • Opportunity to leverage ETP's social media platforms. This provides you with public recognition to spotlight your contributions. You could potentially have your name be seen by thousands of weekly ETP web site visitors. This is great marketing exposure for you.
    • Enhance or augment your skills with different role experiences
    • Fast track your success by helping others succeed. The power of giving is very important for individual self worth.
    • Expand your sphere of influence with other  members in ways only accessible to other ETP volunteers.
    • Resume Review Coach
    • Mock Interview Coach
    • “T” Letter Specialist
    • Lamplighter Newsletter Writer
    • Faculty Training Center Leader
    • Member Services Liaison
    • Speaker Bureau Coordinator
    • Business Developer
    • Technology / Social Media Consultant
    • Web Site Developer
    • Smart Phone App Developer
    • Public Relations Consultant
    • Communications Director
    • Conference / Event Exhibitor Coordinator

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