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Are there different levels of membership?

Yes. There are 3 levels of membership.
Basic Membership is FREE and includes several
free benefits. Free for life, but must be renewed every 90 days.
membership is $37.50/yr with full benefits
Professional membership is $74.99/yr with
full benefits, including book Win The Race For 21st Century Jobs .

How do I decide which membership level is right for me?
Only you can answer that question. Here are some suggested advantages to consider. If you are currently employed and you just want to keep your options open, Basic Membership may be the right level for you. If you are currently employed and you want to keep your finger on the pulse for market demand of your skills, Professional Membership provides the Smart Radar subscription to achieve this goal.

What is the #1 distinct difference between Basic and Professional Membership?
Time. If can afford for your job search to progress at a slower rate, then staying at the Basic membership level may be the appropriate business decision.  If your primary goal is to minimize the time in landing a job immediately and keep your job / business development opportunities constantly open, then Professional membership may be appropriate course of action.

Can I upgrade from Basic to Professional membership?
Of course.  You can upgrade your membership at any time.  Just click on your "Profile" link in top right screen and select Professional Membership.

How long can I be a Basic Member?
You can stay at Basic Membership as long as you wish. You must renew your Basic Membership every 90 days. You will receive a renewal reminder 14 days before your membership expires. One more reminder is sent the day your membership expires.

How can I get a discounted Professional membership?
Being a volunteer as a Faculty member for an entire year, provides the opportunity to receive a discounted Professional membership renewal at the prevailing renewal administrative fee rate. Currently the Faculty Professional Membership yearly renewal administrative fee rate is $25.00.

How can I get a FREE life time Professional membership?
Participating in the Member Rewards program can potentially provide a life time membership. Click here for details.

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