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Is Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) in the NEWS Again?

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Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) in the News

Media: How ETP Members Land Jobs Quicker

Rod talks to WBLS radio personality, Dr. Bob Lee about running your career as a business   View Rod Colon ABC-TV Interview Sharing Job Search Tips   ETP founder, Rod Colon co-hosts Your Career is Calling radio show with Frank Kovacs, founder of TheBreakfastClubNJ.com   ETP CEO, Rod Colon explains how to Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs   New Jersey Jewish News highlights Rod Colon on Coping with hard times In an anxious job market

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  • May 21, 2009 7:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ETP Network founder Rod Colon told a meeting of the Central New Jersey Networking Group that he sees membership in such a body as an opportunity for each person to find ways to help others — and to receive the help they need themselves. “There’s no limit to how far this can go,” he said.

    At the May 12 meeting, there was more talk about exciting new possibilities than there were complaints about lost jobs, though many of the two dozen people there had felt that pain.

    The meeting was held at the YM-YWHA of Union County under the auspices of the ETP Network with support from the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey and the Union Y. It was hosted by Aaron Cohen, the leader of the Central NJ group, and his wife, Laura.

    ETP — which stands for “empowering today’s professionals” — is a mutual help organization whose volunteer members teach networking and job search skills.

    Janet Fleischer of Elizabeth, who has extensive experience handling medical records and billing in doctors’ offices, when asked if she could train others in medical billing, lit up. “I could go into a doctor’s office, watch what’s going on, and within a day or two I could show them how to get things working far better,” she said.

    She, in turn, suggested that meeting participant Andree Laney of West Orange, an attorney who has worked in labor and employment law, could seek work helping doctors with compliance issues. Laney paused at that suggestion. “At first I wasn’t that receptive,” she said later, “but it’s the field my mother worked in. It could be really interesting.”

    Together we can

    Another meeting participant was Carol Einhorn, the social worker hired by Jewish Family Service of Central NJ, with a grant from the Central federation, to help people deal with the economic crisis through its Together We Can Community Economic Recovery Initiative.

    Recognizing the degree of distress in the community — and despite across-the-board funding cutbacks — the federation committed $176,000 to the JFS economic recovery team. It has also promised to continue funding at that level for at least a second year.

    Einhorn, together with the agency’s new vocational counselor, is offering — free of charge — vocational counseling, financial advice, and counseling to help people deal with the emotional issues related to financial stress and job loss.

    The JFS/federation program is offering counseling at the JFS offices in Elizabeth, but also at synagogues and private venues across the area. Einhorn sent out an invitation to congregations, offering to conduct programs and offer appointments at their buildings and to work with volunteers from the community to counsel job seekers and provide financial advice.

    Temple Emanu-El in Westfield was one of the first to respond, and she has been meeting with people there on a weekly basis.

    Einhorn is planning to offer talks and workshops on a variety of subjects related to the economic situation. One of the first will be on dealing with the strain that financial stress places on a marriage. Another topic will be talking with children about changes in the family’s finances.

    Contact info

    For more information about Jewish Family Service of Central New Jersey counseling or to make an appointment with social worker Carol Einhorn, contact her at 908-352-8375, ext. 239, or ceinhorn@jfscentralnj.com.

    For more information about the Central New Jersey Networking Group, contact Aaron Cohen at centralnjnetworkinggroup@gmail.com or visit www.etpnetwork.com.

  • March 12, 2009 1:51 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Networking maven urges job seekers to link with dozens

    Read full article on New Jersey Jewish News
    by Elaine Durbach, NJJN Bureau Chief/Central

    These days, some very gifted and successful people are out of work. That’s both the upside and the downside of the unemployment picture, according to local job hunters.

    “You look around and there are such impressive people, it’s obvious that there’s no shame in being laid off,” said a woman attending a March 3 networking event at the Wilf Jewish Community Campus in Scotch Plains. “On the other hand, if people this good can’t find work, what can I do?”

    About 55 people turned up for the event, which was hosted by the Jewish Federation of Central New Jersey and the JCC of Central New Jersey, both housed on the Wilf campus. The initial gathering of the Central NJ Networking Group was organized by The ETP Network — “ETP” stands for Empowering Today’s Professionals — a mutual help organization whose members teach networking and job search skills.

    Aaron Cohen, a computer scientist from Westfield who is on the ETP board, ran the meeting, with assistance from his wife, Laura. Those present — about four-fifths of them men — had high-powered track records in information technology, marketing, law, education, and finance. Even attendees who described themselves as homemakers turned out to have resumes long in community organizing and fund-raising.

    Most had lost their jobs within the previous few weeks. Some were working part-time. A handful said they had recently found employment — an acknowledgement that drew applause each time — but were keeping their options open. Read more . . .

  • March 11, 2009 10:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Click here to read full article on All Spammed Up Blog

    I recently joined a few email administrator discussion groups on LinkedIn.  I was surpirsed to see how many administrators are currently in a job search.  Although you may already know how to identify email phishing scams, it’s easy to get so caught up in the pressure which may derail our focus.

    With the global economic meltdown, millions of people are out of work.  The stress is enormous. Marriages are dissolving, because  love jumps out the back window when money stops coming through the front door.  CNN even reports that many failed marrages can’t be completely dissolved, because couples can’t even afford to go their separate ways.  Tensions escalate as some couples are forced to stay together because they can’t sell property.  This is very fertile ground for email spam phishing scams to reap huge profits.

    The phishing sharks are circling the rough water of a highly competitive job market. This volatile emotional climate sets the  stage for people to make very irrational decisions. People in a job search are vulnerable and easy prey for phishing scams. Bank accounts are being emptied due to people allowing their emotions to override making practical business decisions.    It’s  easy for anyone to get lathered up with email scams promising a job opportunity or making fast cash working at home in, but a cool head and common sense must prevail. I can  personally attest there are legitimate work at home opportunities.  When I’m not providing technology support to email clients, I provide business career coaching services.  My wife also runs a very successful Internet eComerce business.

    Job Search Phishing Scam Prevention

    • Make appropriate adjustments to your spam phishing filters and make sure the most recent updates are in place.
    • Legimate job search sites will never send email that asks for personal information. They will also NEVER ask you to update your account via email with a link requesting you to login.
    • Using your computer mouse feather over links in an email. This allows you to verify the actual web site link.
    • When posting a resume online, take your time in creating a balance in disclosure vs. security. Use sites, like Careerbuilder and Monster, that allow suppressing personal information.
    • Use a complex password that includes letters, numbers and special characters.
    • Use multiple passwords on multiple job sites.
    • Don’t send your password to anyone in an email.  You are the only person who should know your password.

    Don’t send any money for job search services until you perform due diligence.  Many phishing emails present themselves as authentic services that will get you up and running with a new job quickly, but ask for a deposit up front. The Riley Guide provides many job search resources that are thoroughly verified by the owner of the this web site.  Consider using this guide as a reference.  Also consider global organizations, such as Empowering Today’s Professionals Network, that have a successful record in helping people land jobs without any up front fees. Use LinkedIn to verify companies. There is also a career management toolbar you can install to quickly obtain business intelligence on companies.

    Email job offers from unknown sources should be viewed as a phishing scam until you confirm its legitimacy.  As the famous Murphy’s Law states “if it looks too good to be true, it usually is”.  Gathering business intelligence heightens our use of common sense. This keeps emotions in check and money in your bank account.

  • March 09, 2009 10:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Click here to read full article on Conduit’s Blog


    Blogging is a great way to interact with your community the features on your toolbar and the benefit of downloading and using it. 

    More and more community toolbar publishers are blogging about their toolbars.  This is the first of periodic articles highlighting such publishers and community toolbars.   With each mention we’ve highlighted one great feature of the toolbar and included both the link to the article as well as a link to download the toolbar.

    Have you come across other interesting articles? Have you blogged about your own community toolbar? Email us a link to the article [connect[at]conduit.com], we might feature it in a future Publisher Blog Spotlight!

    ETP Network: Career Management Swiss Army Knife

    Highlight: Using the ETP Network Toolbar Web seminar

    ETP Network provides professionals worldwide with an empowered business career management plan that leverages a powerful Trusted Network.  The ETP Network community toolbar was developed by members of Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network as a community service for all Savvy Professionals worldwide.  

    The ETP Network community toolbar includes easy access to many job search/career development resources, linkedIn, the community’s yahoo group, and job boards. 

    Providing the toolbar to their community allows ETP Network to stay top-of-mind when their members are working at advancing their careers, and to provide their users with direct links and dedicated resources to use to their benefit. 

    Bi-monthly, the ETP Network founders offer a free webseminar, training users how to best use the toolbar to their benefit.  They also include participants testimonials on their blog:

    To read more about the toolbar and the web seminar:
    To Install the toolbar: http://etpnetwork.ourtoolbar.com/

  • January 29, 2009 10:55 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Click here to read posting on flikr

    ETP Network provides members an empowered career business plan that leverages a powerful Trusted Network. ETP Network provides connections to over 9 million global LinkedIn professionals, members and strategic partners.

  • October 01, 2008 10:14 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Interview by Bruce Newman, The National Networker Mid-Atlantic Bureau Chief and Vice President of The Productivity Institute, LLC


    Click here to read article on The National Network web site


    Hello, I'm new. Let's talk

    By Bruce Newman, Mid-Atlantic Bureau Chief   

    Ruth's Bio    Email article     RSS feed       Share on  facebook 

    As this is my first article as the new mid-Atlantic Bureau Chief, I would like to introduce myself and explain how I plan to use my monthly column. I have over 25 years of experience in business (please see my bio) and believe that good communications are essential to the success of any project or company. Networking is an important component that when done properly, can produce excellent results and if applicable, significant gains in productivity.

    I plan on using my monthly column to promote communications and networking announcements and to feature at least one networking organization from within my geographic region. Any networking group or organization that has a special meeting or conference they wish to announce, relevant articles or topics they wish to discuss, or would like to be featured by me (if possible), please email me.

    This month's featured networking organization: ETP Network

    ETP Network was founded in 2004 by Rod Colon and currently has roughly 600 members in18 worldwide chapters. My phone meeting included Rod Colon (founder), Carl Reid (business manager) and Chip Hartman (communications manager).

    Bruce: Rod, why did you start ETP Network?

    Rod: ETP Network evolved from helping professionals as a recruiter. 95% of the resumes I received had no chance in being submitted to the client. I began to call each candidate and give them a few words of advice and guidance as to how they should approach their job search. I found the majority of candidates had no game plan of managing their careers.

    Carl: Over the last twenty years, there has been a paradigm shift in business. Now, two years at a job is a lifetime due to corporations being in a constant flux to run leaner. With people constantly in or considering a transition, we saw a huge need for people to be better prepared and more able to handle this transition involving how to move forward.

    Bruce: How has ETP Network helped its members?

    Rod: For most professionals the ETP Network is the Statue of Liberty of career management by accepting professionals from all walks of life and helping them Own Their Careers. By developing a simple/logical game plan for owning their careers, each member begins to take control of their career rather than being controlled.

    Chip: The ETP Network changes the mindset of its members by having them assume full responsibility for all of their career management decisions. People learn how to build networks from the ground up by forging meaningful connections that develop into trusted relationships over time. As they build their trusted networks, we teach them how to find advocates within those networks when they are in periods of transition.

    Carl: We teach people how to leverage their trusted network and run their career as their business. We're preparing our members for a job shift and how to be prepared with their network

    Carl: We teach the importance of solvency and having multiple profit centers to help smooth over the lean times. When people are down, there is also a fear factor which we attempt to get them past.

    Bruce: What has the response been to your actions?

    Chip: There is a real need and desire for the structure that we provide. There are people in transition looking for the kind of guidance and support we offer. Because the attendance on our weekly conference calls keeps going up, we believe we are meeting the needs of many people who have found other networking groups unsatisfactory. Rod blends guidance, coaching, motivation, and the wisdom from over 24 years of experience in his interaction with ETP members.

    Bruce: What do you see as your primary function for the ETP Network?

    Rod: Encourage, train, support, mentor and advise fellow CEOs of ME, Incorporated in all aspects of defined responsibilities to their personal Board of Directors.

    Chip: Among the primary functions of the ETP Network is the empowerment of individual members to think and act as the CEO of ME, Inc. so that they can take control of their own career management decisions. We literally train them to think of their careers as a business. To fulfill that function, ETP Network leaders adopt the role of coaches, motivators, and educators. We put a strong emphasis on using technology, especially social networking technology, to help us achieve this goal. We even have a customizable toolbar designed by Business Manager Carl Reid that puts all of a member's online tools in one place that's always visible and always accessible.

    Bruce: Are people responsive to your approach? Why?

    Chip: Not only are they responsive, they actually appear to be actively seeking it out. It's possible that our network is one of the very few that actually teaches people how to connect and develop trusted relationships. The techniques really work and really produce amazing results. Rod has the ability to inspire people, especially when they're in transition. He is dynamic, articulate, and relates meaningfully with members because of his no-nonsense approach to networking and career management.

    Bruce: You currently send out many announcements and emails to your members. Why?

    Carl: Our goal is to get people involved on a regular basis. Part of the process of engaging people in the network is by making it participatory through the exchanging of ideas. It's particularly good for many of the new members since it helps them maintain their momentum and support. We try to get people in the mindset and trigger their thinking in the CEO in running the business of Me, Inc. paradigm.

    Carl: ETP is a member-driven organization that shares information to create dialog. It encourages members to help each other's career as well as their own. We expect that members in all stages give back to the network. The news digest helps us accomplish that.

    Bruce: What has been the most difficult thing in growing ETP Network?

    Carl: Overcoming the mindset that people have that networking is about "what I need". Our growth has been steady, but ETP Network is about the quality of members helping each other, not quantity. Sometimes members move on once they have achieved a new position. However, we encourage them to stay within the organization and continuing the exchange of ideas as well as helping other people going through their own transition.

    Chip: The most difficult challenge for us is getting members to adopt the shift in thinking that's necessary in order to manage their own careers. Rod succeeds in growing the ETP Network by spending a good deal of time emphasizing two things: 1) learning how to set up meaningful connections and 2) taking those connections and building long-term trusted relationships from them.

    Bruce: What is your goal for the ETP Network?

    Chip: While the ETP Network is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today's business professionals, its core principles of building solid trusted networks and achieving a successful shift in attitude about ownership of one's own personal career management business remain firmly entrenched as "bedrock values." Our goal is retain those core values while building enough flexibility for growth as economic conditions and technology continue to drive substantial cultural change.

    Carl: People usually come to ETP Network because they are in transition or searching for opportunities but they stay because of the value of the networking associations that they make.

    Bruce: How can people best improve their networking skills?

    Rod: Have fun with networking – the building, maintaining and leveraging of friendships while also realizing that networking is critical to a successful ME, Inc. enterprise. Networking is the Research & Development Department for the ME, Inc. enterprise.

    We use the following model as our group guideline:

    "Networking is the process of building and maintaining relationships. It's the development of a team that will support your efforts and the efforts of your network teammates to reach your respective goals. In practice, networking is the establishment of multiple informal, loosely knit, mutual-support alliances. The object is to build the best possible team." (Networking Magic – Frishman/Lublin)

    Chip: One of the best ways to improve networking skills is by staying current with today's networking thought leaders. Two books that Rod views as essential reading for all members are: 1) "Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time", by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz; and 2) The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything", by Stephen M. R. Covey, Stephen R. Covey, and Rebecca R. Merrill. We dissect and analyze these books because they represent the so-called molten core of networking and relationship science but are also highly enjoyable and inspirational.

    Carl: Members of the ETP Network are taught be selfless, not selfish, when it comes to networking. You should focus on what the other person wants and what they need. Then, later on after the relationship develops, you can focus on yourself.

    Bruce Newman is the Vice President at The Productivity Institute, LLC which provides productivity by matching the specific software products and services needs of companies to rated outstanding consultants who can meet those needs. Any company that wishes to improve their productivity can sign up for this free service and be contacted by up to five rated outstanding consultants.

    Email Bruce.  

  • July 30, 2008 1:11 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Published by Jason Alba

    Click here to read full article on Jibber Jobber Blog

    Last year a guy signed on to JibberJobber and started sending me thoughtful enhancement requests.  He has a strong background in software development, design and QA, and we struck up a cool relationship.  He mentioned he wanted to introduce me to Rod Colon, founder of the ETP Network, and possibly have me speak on one of their weekly teleconferences.

    That happened in January of this year, where we had a fun, lively conversation.  I shared 8 things to do in ‘08 with LinkedIn (I know, clever :p), and was very well received.  This ETP audience was sharp, proactive, and eager to be CEO’s of Me, Inc.  It was a great experience.  Read more . . .

  • July 30, 2008 1:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Read full article on Hispanic Professionals Networking Group blog.

    Rod Colon, CEO ETP Network and HPNG Member; Elizabeth Ricciardelli, SVP, Citi; Ivonne Diaz Classe, president HISPA; Alberto Morales, senior finance director Schering Plough; Michael Negron, managing director and founder Negron Consulting. Read more . . .

  • June 28, 2008 1:28 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Read full article on Hispanic Professionals Network blog.

    As the HPNG team is making final preparations for our upcoming Latino Leadership Conference on July 1, 2008, the video above provides a sneak peek at the quality educational programs HPNG makes available to its members. Back on April 29, 2008, our "Career Management Workshop" was a high impact educational experience for all attendees. Rod Colon, CEO & Founder of ETP Network, Read more . . .

  • April 24, 2008 10:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Job Search 2.0 Empowers Professionals To Land More Job Offers Despite Economic Uncertainty

    Proven to Minimize Transition Time Between Jobs, Internet Tools Combined with Unique Job Search Techniques Will Be Unveiled at a Workshop for Hispanic Professionals to Achieve a Greater Level of Success.

    PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 24, 2008As part of its ongoing commitment to provide value to its members, Hispanic Professionals Networking Group (HPNG) announces its High Impact Career Management Workshop presented by Rod Colon, Career Coach and CEO of  Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network. ETP provides each member with programs tailored to the professional running their career as a business.  Starpoint Solutions, a thriving technology-services firm with high-profile Fortune 500 clients, is the premiere sponsor for this workshop.

    On April 29, 2008 at 6:00PM this limited seating workshop will be held at the Manhattan offices of American National Standards Institute located at 25 W. 43rd Street in New York. Attendees can register online for the High Impact Career Management Workshop at http://www.hpng.net/events

    Job Search 2.0 proven formulas was developed by Rod Colon, CEO and number one Career Coach with ETP Network. Job Search 2.0 uses a straightforward, common sense approach to networking and career management.  Rod attributes the success of Job Search 2.0 to his 24 years of experience as a corporate HR management insider, outside agency recruiter, and professional networker.

    "Professionals mostly focus on developing their skills, but rarely learn how to manage their career," says Ali Curi, president of HPNG. "This is especially magnified with Latinos at the mid-management level who are left to develop their career on their own, with no real direction. With the economy taking a downturn, people want to ensure they are 'recession proof.' This workshop will show professionals how to properly market core skills, develop a result focused career plan that continuously expands job opportunities, while proactively reaching out to their network before they need a job"

    In a time when corporate goals are geared towards capitalizing on the booming Hispanic purchasing power, HPNG is offering this workshop as a proven way for Hispanic professionals to empower themselves.

    "Although outside resources can be leveraged, taking charge of managing a career is the sole responsibility of each individual person.  Allowing an employer to manage your career is counterintuitive and poses great risk.  Job Search 2.0 is the first step in running your business, the business of YOU" says Rod Colon. "The ETP Network empowers professionals to manage their careers as a business because your business is your career."

    About Starpoint Solutions
    Starpoint Solutions provides world-class enterprise-wide consulting and custom application development. For 25 years, Starpoint Solutions has been a trusted source of human capital and solutions to help our clients achieve and exceed their business goals. Founded in 1982, Starpoint is privately held and have offices nationwide. For more information, visit: http://www.starpoint.com, contact: info@starpoint.com or call 212-962-1550.

    About Hispanic Professionals Networking Group
    Launched in 2003, HPNG hosts networking events in New York and Miami, and offers a diverse range of professional development workshops and seminars. Info: http://www.hpng.net/events/2008aprilconf.php

    About ETP Network
    The mission of the ETP Network is to provide each member with an empowered career/business plan that leverages a powerful Trusted Network. The ETP Network services provide each member with programs tailored to the professional and their business career plan. http://www.etpnetwork.com

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    IGS is committed to empowering professionals and small business owners for success by mixing non-traditional venues, dynamic leaders and socially interactive activities in productive, yet relaxing environments. IGS insures companies succeed by implementing creative solutions through events, public relations and self empowerment opportunities.
    Contact: Phyllis Shelton, Public Relations & Event Director
    IPower Global Solutions
    Tel: 201-222-5390
    Email: PRevents@Success4U2.net

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